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Dark circles under the eyes

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Immediate results

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20 minutes

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Up to 12 months

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Anaesthesia not required

Dark circles, sunken areas under the eyes, bags and/or dark circles are becoming an increasingly common problem, in both men and women, due to factors such as the fast-paced lifestyle we have today, stress and lack of sleep. This gives a tired and sad appearance to the eyes.

Sometimes it can be accompanied by darkening of the skin that can further worsen the effect. We can now fight it with hyaluronic acid injections, thereby returning freshness and smoothness to the periocular area.

In addition, the treatment allows the recovery of lost volume, levelling up the area.

This treatment is performed with small injections of hyaluronic acid to fill the visible wrinkles under the eyes, eliminating the tired and aged appearance of the face.

The application is quick and simple, using a very fine needle or cannula.

There are no side effects except for possible and small local inflammatory reactions, which would be temporary and pass in a few days.

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