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Mesoterapia Facial en Marbella - Elegant Clinic Banús
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Facial Mesotherapy

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Immediate results

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20/30 minutes

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Up to 12 months

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Local anaesthesia

Vitamins through mesotherapy.

Facial mesotherapy is a bio-revitalisation treatment of the skin consisting of intradermal injections composed of a mixture of plant extracts, various types of vitamins (all from the B, C, E, and A complex) 6 minerals, coenzymes and up to 23 essential amino acids to revitalise the skin.

It is a treatment that can be performed at any age.

In fact, it is extremely beneficial for young skins that need an extra boost of hydration and vitality because they have lost brightness, they suffer from stress and therefore have a tired and/or de-energized appearance.

As mentioned earlier, vitamin mesotherapy brings brightness to the face, reduces sagging and stimulates fibroblast activity to improve cell regeneration and skin hydration.

It is also suitable for young skins around 30 years old who begin to show the first signs of aging.

In these cases, vitamin mesotherapy can help prevent the appearance of pronounced static and dynamic wrinkles.

In the case of more mature skins with wrinkles in various areas of the face, vitamin mesotherapy is usually applied in combination with hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin to enhance the filling effect in the first and muscle relaxant in the second.

In combination with other procedures.

Treatments performed at Elegant Clinic Banús: