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Rinomodelación sin ciriguía - Elegant Clinic Banús
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Immediate results

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20/30 minutes

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12 months to 5 years

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Local anaesthetic cream

Discover rhinomodelling, a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that achieves subtle adjustments to the shape of your nose to achieve a perfect balance with your face.

This treatment, performed in consultation, uses absorbable substances like hyaluronic acid to sculpt the nose and correct imperfections. The goal is to achieve the desired appearance without resorting to invasive plastic surgeries. Botulinum toxin can even be applied to the nasal septum to lift the tip and achieve a charming upturned look.

Rhinomodelling is the preferred choice for those looking to transform their nose without undergoing surgery. Results last around 12 months with absorbable fillers, while with permanent materials, the duration can extend from 3 to 5 years.

Our team of specialists will guide you at every step to achieve a nose that reflects the harmony and beauty you seek. Enhance your face without surgery, discover rhinomodelling!

Treatments performed at Elegant Clinic Banús: