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Relleno surco nasogeniano y códigos de barras - Elegant Clinic Banús
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Wrinkles and barcodes treatment

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Immediate results within 15 days

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20/30 minutes

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6 to 18 months

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Numbing cream or local anaesthesia


The nasolabial folds, are wrinkles that form at the end of the nose and descend to the corners of the mouth which become more pronounced and deepened over time.

By filling with hyaluronic acid, we can add volume and brightness, restoring a more youthful appearance to the face.

There are no side effects except for the occasional small local inflammatory reaction that may be accompanied by irritation or pressure. However, the appearance is temporary and passes quickly.


This cosmetic procedure uses hyaluronic acid to remove unwanted wrinkles that give a very aged appearance to this area.

It is a really great treatment that lasts for approximately 1 year.

The process involves injecting Hyaluronic acid in to the edge of the upper lip, as these wrinkles tend to form between the nose and lips.

The goal is to stretch, moisturise, and eliminate all wrinkles formed in this area over time, as well as shape the lips.

It is a minimally invasive procedure and local anaesthesia can be used to reduce any possible discomfort caused by the use of a needle.

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